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F# is a relatively new, primarily functional programming language for the .NET platform. It is a statically-typed, managed functional language that is fully interoperable with other .NET languages like C#, Visual Basic.NET, etc. It builds on the power of the functional paradigm and combines it with the .NET object-oriented model, enabling the developer to use the best approach for a given problem. F# offers all the benefits of functional programming (FP), such as terse code leading to enhanced developer productivity, pure functions which are much easier to reason about, and side-effect free programming that eliminates a large class of bugs.

Xamarin platforms allows you the build mobile apps using F# with high code re-use between them. Typically, there is common code, which is where more of the app-specific logic resides, and then specific features of the platform can be leveraged using platform specific code (also in F#). Xamarin offers platform-specific mappings for iOS and Android as .NET libraries that F# code can use, and applications are compiled as either a .app file in iOS, or .apk file in Android.

This talk goes into the details of how the Xamarin platform works and will teach attendees how to build native apps for multiple platforms using a single F# code base.

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